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Manufacturing our new 500mm Hollowcore range

Not many people in the construction industry realise that hollowcore units come in bigger sizes than 250mm. Here at Oranmore we are UK leading specialist in the manufacturing of large depths from 320mm, 400mm and now the latest additions of 450mm and 500mm Hollowcore slab. These large spans allow our customers to achieve clear spans in excess of 16.5 meters, allowing for significant savings.

Typically used in car parks and commercial buildings with exposed soffits.  Oranmore precast guarantee to delivery these units to a high quality and undertake the logistic challenge of transporting units of this nature with ease.

kona mast structures

Oranmore’s ISO Environmental and Quality Achievements

Quality and the Environment has always been integral to the Oranmore’s philosophy, therefore we are pleased to announce that we have successfully passed our annual audit and also added ISO 14001 accreditation to our name.

Oranmore is one of the first companies in the precast flooring industry to receive ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management systems. Minimizing environmental impact, complying with applicable laws, regulations and other environmentally-oriented requirements, and continually improving are the requirements of the standard. Oranmore Precast has also earned ISO 9001 certification for our quality management system, which certifies that consistent processes are being applied.

Oranmore adds another National to their Portfolio of Clients.

Oranmore has successfully secured another National House Builder to their portfolio of clients with Persimmon Homes plc Picket Twenty Site, Andover. The project consists of 5 apartment blocks with 2500m2 of 200mm Precast Hollowcore Floors and 32 units of Stairs supply and erect. The project is due to start in February and concludes in July 2016.

Persimmon selected Oranmore for their overall package to deliver on time and to budget.


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Oranmore Go’s from Strength to Strength

London based developer Heronslea has again appointed Oranmore Precast to supply 1,800m2 of 200mm Precast Hollow Core Floors & 6 Units of Stairs, with 12 Precast Balconies for their latest Development in High Street, Bushey. This project was for 12 two bedroom apartments with underground parking.

This is fresh off the back of the development of Windmill Place, Bushey. It again proves that successful partnerships are imperative for future growth. Oranmore are looking forward to working with Heronslea on such an exclusive project.

kona mast structures

Oranmore Secures Redrow Homes “New Priory Gate Development”

Oranmore Secures Redrow Homes “New Priory Gate Development”

The Essex based firm has nominated Oranmore to deliver 8580m2 of 200mm Hollowcore Floors and 97 units of stairs for the their New Priory Gate Development in Ware, Hertfordshire. The scheme is to develop 107 units over 6 storeys.

Redrow Homes selected Oranmore Precast Ltd due to their ability to work to the high standards required to be a member of their supply chain.

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500mm Hollowcore Complete at Stafford MSCP

Oranmore have completed the delivery of 1400sq.m of 500mm hollowcore on a Multi Storey Car Park in Stafford. Our client PCE where looking for a high quality finish to compliment there precast vertical elements of their construction.

The maximum span was 16.500m which was transported using trombone trailers, with up to 9 deliveries required per day.

There is a total of 2200m2 of 200mm hollowcore required for the ramps which are been sequenced with the remainder of the construction.


kona mast structures

Oranmore’s Transport Supply Chain Increases

Oranmore are happy to announce that their transport supply chain has expanded their fleet.

With construction sites becoming more challenging to access we have concentrated on how to over come the costs of transhipping. We have worked with our supply chain over the last number of years and they have all shown commitment to Oranmore Precast and invested in expanding their fleet to suit our requirements.

Due to this access to urban trailers and rigid lorries, which has doubled in recent weeks,  we can now guarantee delivery at any stage of the week due to the addition of these special trailers.

We would like to thank our supply chain for their commitment to expand their business in line with Oranmore’s key clients demands.