Hollowcore Flooring

Hollowcore Flooring


Hollowcore Flooring is a precast prestressed concrete slab, which is suitable for use in a range of commercial buildings, car parks, offices, apartments and in all types of housing. Hollowcore can eqasily fit into any structural system, whether it is steel, in-situ, precast or concrete masonry.


  • High loading capacity, can be used over long spans
  • Quick installation
  • Efficient building system
  • Environmentally friendly system
  • Provides immediate safe working platform
  • Excellent sound and vibration barrier
  • Health and safety benefits, with reduction in the required number on site
  • All hollowcore units meets the minimum fire safety requirements to comply with building regulations

Further Information

  • Hollowcore Flooring is manufactured at 1200mm wide slabs, and can be cut to any width to suit all applications
  • Available in depths of 150, 200, 250, 320, 400, 450 and 500mm
  • The continuous voids in the hollowcore reduces its weight and costs
  • Oranmore Precast Ltd can provide spans of up to 19m for 500mm deep hollowcore
  • Features like voids and notches can be incorporated into the design of the units
  • The units are produced utilising modern manufacturing techniques and facilities, which allows the company to deliver the highest quality standard demanded in construction practices